Project Particles

Listen to "Particles," a song that Emma wrote in memory of Ben.




Written, performed, recorded by Emma Kieran Schaefer

Mixed and mastered by Brian Hunter, Swallow Hill Music


Particles lyrics

What if yesterday I called you 

Said hey you, what’s new 

What if yesterday I’d been there to care 

About everything you may have been going through

Were you in that quantum mud again 

We never did play violin 

Life must’ve gotten too hard to handle

I should’ve known they were snuffing out your candle 


I hope you’re dreaming in the starlight 

Letting go of your pain 

Without you my life wouldn’t be the same 

You changed my world for the better 

But I couldn’t change your fate 

We only really know someone 

When it’s too late 

What if things would have been different 

And the world had been more kind 

You still saw through the darkness

Found everyone’s light 

If we’re all just particles floating in the blue 

I’m so glad I got to pass by here with you 


And you told me with my light

I could escape a black hole 

But now you’re the one who’s fallen through 

And I couldn’t save you 

If you get to the other side where time and space bend 

Can you turn back time and come back here again 

I promise this time I’ll be a better friend 


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